As containers publish to the MQTT broker and log information the Connectware collects that information and temporarily stores it. The System Monitor allows you to view those stored logs from the containers and view metrics on the MQTT broker.


After navigating to the System section of the Admin UI you will be presented with a view similar to the picture below. Here you will find the latest logs from the all containers with the most recent at the bottom.


Filter Options

The filter options determine what logs are loaded into the log table. When you click the filter options button a drawer on the right will open and you can select desired options. Once you are satisfied with the selected options click the save options button and the log table will update.

Press `refresh` to apply the filter options


Select which containers you would like view by hostname.


Select the log levels of the logs you would like to view

  • Debug -> Information used for debugging the container
  • Info -> General Information on the container
  • Warn -> Warning of a possible misuse of the container which could lead to an error
  • Error -> Error inside of the container
  • Fatal -> An error that caused the container to shutdown
  • Other -> Any logs that do not fall in any of the other categories listed above

Search Message

Search for log entries containing the keywords typed. This also filters the current log table. To retrieve log entries containing the keywords press refresh.

Log Table

The table shows all logs requested. You can quickly view their level, date, time, hostname and the actual message of the log. If you wish to see more information on a specific log simply click the log entry and a modal will pop up with all the information present in the log.



If you Select the metrics tab of the System section you will be presented with a view similar to the picture below. There you will find the following information

Message Flow

The amount of messages hitting the broker per second.

Message Count

Overall messages received by the broker.

Data Flow

The amount of bytes hitting the broker per second.

Data Count

The total amount of bytes received by the broker.