By means of Containers the basic functionality of the Connectware can be extended.

A Container represents any (third-party) application made available using the docker ( technology. Indeed, the Connectware exposes zero constraints on the containerized applications. Moreover, will the Connectware ensure security by running the Containers in encapsulated networks, such that the containerized applications can not compromise the host system nor access any other data except those explicitly granted access to within the commissioning file (see Services V1).


Containers may only be added through Services

Once a Service using one ore more Container is enabled, respective cards representing the Container will be visible.


While the Service stays enabled, manual interaction with the Container is possible through the bottom-right slider of each card. Use this slider to manually stop and start the Container if needed. Once stopped, Containers can also be removed by clicking the delete icon at the bottom-left of the Card.



Manual stopping or deletion of Containers will render the corresponding Service to be degraded (i.e. only partially functional). This is indicated by a red error icon at the bottom of the respective Service card. To restore the initial settings its always possible to disable and again enable the Service.