As clients publish to the MQTT broker and log information the Connectware collects that information and temporarily stores it. The metrics tab provides usage data information while the status tab allows you to view the current state, configuration and logs of Connectware containers.


  1. On the navigation panel click on System to expand the menu.

  1. Go to the Metrics menu.

  1. A metric, that shows the total amount of bytes received by the broker.



The metrics view provides the following information

Message Flow

The amount of messages hitting the broker per second.

Message Count

Overall messages received by the broker.

Data Flow

The amount of bytes received by the broker per second.

Data Count

The amount of data received in total.


  1. On the navigation panel click on System to expand the menu.

  1. Go to the Status menu.


3. This opens the status view which contains information about all running Connectware containers.



The status view contains the following information


The name of the container.


The Connectware containers can enter one of the following states:

  • running -> The container is working as expected.

  • starting -> The container is currently in the process of starting.

  • stopping -> The container is currently stopping.

  • restarting -> The container has triggered the restarting procedure.

  • exited -> The container was shut down and won’t restart automatically.

  • created -> The container was created but not yet started.


The time the container is already running.



You can restart Connectware containers from this view by selecting one or more instances (1.) and then selecting restart (2.) from the options menu.

Container Details view

The container details view contains more information about a single container. To open this view, select one of the containers displayed in the status view. A window similar to the picture below will open.


To unfold the individual resources just click on the appropriate tab.



The config sections shows information about container settings including

  • capAdd -> Added capabilities.

  • exposedPorts -> Ports exposed by the container.

  • image -> The docker image used by the container.

  • privileged -> Shows if the container is running in privileged mode.

  • workingDir -> The working directory inside the container.

Environmental Variables


This tab shows all environmental variables available to the processes inside the container at runtime.





The details view offers capabilities to

  • Stop -> Stop the selected container.

  • Restart -> Restart the selected container.

  • Delete -> Delete the selected container (the container has to be stopped first).

  • Expand all Resources -> Unfold all of the tabs described above.

In addition to these global controls, each details tab provides individual controls to filter, organize, or search the data provided.


Search for entries containing the entered keywords. This also filters the current table.

Show Columns

Select the columns to be shown.


Select from available options to filter the rows to be shown.


This option is only available on the logs tab and executes a manual refresh of the logs shown.