The Connectware ships with a running Node-RED ( application.

To start working with the prototyping Node-RED Workbench, on the navigation panel click on the Workbench menu item. This will open the running Node-RED editor for the Workbench in another browser tab.



However, this Node-RED workbench is not intended to be used in production-ready services but rather for quick and easy prototyping tests. In deployments where Node-RED should be used in production, the recommended setup is to create a service commissioning file which installs a Node-RED container as Cybus::Container resource on its own. This way, the authors of the service have the full control over the versioning and life cycle of the Node-RED instance.

Further instructions on how to work with Node-RED can be found here:

For connecting the Node-RED flow to the Connectware API, the Connectware can be reached by using the server name connectware both for MQTT (1883) and HTTPS (443) connections.