There are some configuration settings in the Connectware which need to be set before starting the system. This section explains how to configure these settings.

Environment Variables

The system-wide settings of the Connectware are set by defining environment variables before starting the system.

The specific places to define those depend on the deployment orchestration tool which is used for the Connectware: Either docker-compose, or Kubernetes.


For a docker-compose installation, we recommend defining the values of all environment variables in the file named .env in the same directory as the docker-compose.yml file. Those two files are in your Connectware installation directory. If you have used the default values during installation, the installation directory is /opt/connectware.


For a Kubernetes installation a Helm Chart is provided which includes a values.yaml file which provides defaults for most of the needed configuration. The only mandatory value that needs to be set is licensekey which needs to be set to your Connectware license key.

The Helm Chart’s provides a resume of all the available options and the values.yaml itself documents each of the properties and how to use them.

LDAP Configuration

For the optional LDAP authentication feature, some extra configuration is needed.