Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik (HBM)



The HBM DAQ protocol may require root permissions in some constellations. If you experience problems with running this protocol, please make sure to install your service on an agent with root permissions as described in agent orchestration.

The HBM company provides hardware (h/w) and software (s/w) solutions for configuring and reading out sensors of various types.

Sensors are connected to controller boxes of varying capability with respect to number and type of the latter. The controller boxes themselves are typically connected to LAN via ethernet for configuration and data acquisition (DAQ).


Front side of the HBM MX410B controller box with a D-Sub adapter connected to the second input channel.

The Cybus Connectware HbmDaq protocol reads the HBM specific DAQ protocol and maps it into the industry standard protocol MQTT.

The configuration interface is not interfaced.

Connection Properties

host (string, required)

Hostname or IP of the hbmdaq device

Example: ""

port (integer, required)

Port of the hbmdaq device

Example: 15200

connectionStrategy (object)

If a connection attempt fails, retries will be performed with increasing delay (waiting time) in between. The following parameters control how these delays behave.

Properties of the connectionStrategy object:

initialDelay (integer)

Delay (waiting time) of the first connection retry (in milliseconds). For subsequent retries, the delay will be increased according to the parameter incrementFactor which has a default value of 2.

Default: 1000

Additional restrictions:

  • Minimum: 1000

maxDelay (integer)

Maximum delay (waiting time) to wait until the next retry (in milliseconds). The delay (waiting time) for any subsequent connection retry will not be larger than this value. Must be strictly greater than initialDelay.

Default: 30000

incrementFactor (integer)

The factor used to increment initialDelay up to maxDelay. For example if initialDelay is set to 1000 and maxDelay to 5000 the values for the delay would be 1000, 2000, 4000, 5000.

Default: 2

Additional restrictions:

  • Minimum: 2

Endpoint Properties

signal (string, enum, required)

Signal for the device

This element must be one of the following enum values:

  • AnalogIn_Connector1.Signal1

  • AnalogIn_Connector1.Signal2

  • AnalogIn_Connector2.Signal1

  • AnalogIn_Connector2.Signal2

  • AnalogIn_Connector3.Signal1

  • AnalogIn_Connector3.Signal2

  • AnalogIn_Connector4.Signal1

  • AnalogIn_Connector4.Signal2

Example: "AnalogIn_Connector1.Signal1"

Using the Windows based (HBM-MXAssistant) configuration interface, it is possible to create virtual channels with custom chosen names. Hence, those won’t follow the regular structure and must be added specifically.


As data is streamed out in a scheduled push fashion, proper update rates should be configured using the MXAssistant tool.


Screenshot showing the data-rate configuration panel.

The HBM DAQ connections created by the Connectware are resilient against disconnects and will automatically reconnect as soon as possible and continue streaming out data.

Example Configuration

The following example demonstrates how to configure a simple HbmDaq connection and endpoint that subscribes to an AnalogIn_Connector1.Signal1 device signal.


The HBM DAQ interface is only able to provide data. Writing to this interface is not implemented.

 2  type: Cybus::Connection
 3  properties:
 4    protocol: HbmDaq
 5    connection:
 6      host:
 7      port: 8081
11  type: Cybus::Endpoint
12  properties:
13    protocol: HbmDaq
14    connection: !ref hbmdaqConnection
15    subscribe:
16      signal: AnalogIn_Connector1.Signal1