When the user chooses to enable a service, all resources should change their state from disabled to enabled, or whatever other target state is specified in the commissioning file. In other words, the commissioning file specifies the set of resources and their expected target state which are needed to make the service work correctly.

However, in real-life there are always conditions that can not fully be controlled by the Connectware (such as a broken network cable), which can block one or more resources to reach the desired target state (e.g. having a healthy connection). This situation is called a deviation, and the corresponding service is said to be deviated.

The occurrence of such a deviation is indicated in the Admin-UI by a small yellow popup window message.


It is also shown in the service overview page, in the service details view, and in the list of the respective resource. Clicking on the deviation warning messages will show a list of resources whose actual state is different from the expected state:


This indication should express the difference (potentially caused by outside conditions) from the expected behavior of an enabled service.