Home Screen

The home screen (start page) of the Administration User Interface (UI) displays some initial information about the currently running Connectware.

The version of the Connectware is shown, and some details about the license that is currently active. Furthermore the number of currently installed services is shown.

Last but not least the connectivity status to some Internet server addresses is shown, which are needed when installing services that use additional containers.

Version and License Information

The Connectware version is shown at the top:


The license information is shown in the middle, followed by the number of installed services:


Internet Connectivity

The connectivity status to the Internet server addresses needed for service installation is shown below under the title Internet Connectivity. This does not degrade the normal usage of the Connectware in any way, because the Connectware is designed to run with or without Internet connectivity just fine.


Connectivity to these addresses is needed when installing services that use additional containers. Other services that do not use Docker containers are not concerned at all and can always be installed and enabled, though. To explain this in detail:

  • Cybus Portal: If the DNS name of the Cybus Portal backend (graphql-server.cybus.io) is reachable, the license update can be performed online and automatically. If this address is not reachable, license updates must be performed manually by uploading a new license file. This is needed if there have been any changes in the license.

  • Cybus Registry: If this address is reachable, new services with Docker containers provided by Cybus can be installed and enabled. If the address is not reachable, services using Docker containers provided by Cybus can only be enabled if the Docker images have been pulled to the local system beforehand, such as during a previous enabling with available connectivity. Installed services that have been enabled at least once can always be continued to be used.

  • Docker Hub: If this address is reachable, third-party services using public Docker images from Dockerhub can be installed and enabled. Connectivity to Dockerhub is not required for running the Connectware, and it is also not needed for installing any service provided by Cybus.

  • Connectware Version Information: If this connectivity is available, information about the latest available Connectware version will be displayed here. If a newer version is available, direct links to download the installer and the release notes will be shown here (see example below), otherwise the text will just confirm that the local version is the newest version. If this connectivity is not available, no online check for updates is performed.