System Requirements

In order to make sure that Connectware can run stable and secure, certain requirements regarding system resources and software setup need to be met.

Hardware Requirements

The actual hardware requirements are strongly dependent on the use case regarding message rates and sizes which are expected, as well as storage space for databases or similar. For a setup utilizing basic functionality and without extraordinary message loads, the following resources are known to be sufficient:

  • 64-bit CPU with x86 architecture

  • 4 GB RAM (minimum)

  • 32 GB hard drive (recommended)


ARM-based computing platforms such as RaspberryPi do not meet these requirements and are currently not supported by the standard version of the Connectware.

Software Requirements

  • Linux operating system

  • Docker

  • Docker Compose

  • Latest stable version of Chrome browser

Docker should be installed using the official setup guide Installing Docker by the package manager Snap is known to be causing issues and should be avoided.


Connectware is designed to operate on Linux systems, deployed with Docker Compose. Running Connectware on Windows hosts or with different container-orchestration systems is not part of the standard version of the Connectware, but may be available upon request.

Virtual Host Requirements

Full Docker support including privileged containers is necessary to run Connectware on virtual hosts.

Sufficient platforms:

  • VMware

  • AWS EC2 (e.g. using t3a.medium instances with Ubuntu 20.04)

  • Azure VM

  • Google Compute Engine